Bright Prospects

1064 Gold is a highly focused exploration company.

Founded and operated by proud Queenslanders, we’re centred in the Clermont goldfields of Central Queensland, Australia.

Our mission is to discover a world-class deposit in this resource-rich area, reviving one of Australia’s most famously rich gold regions.

We create value through a focused and disciplined plan to discover precious metal deposits and subsequently construct and operate mines in those areas.

Current Gold Price

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Strategy and Implementation

Focused and Methodical.

Most exploration companies spread themselves too thin and waste precious capital on travel expenses and chasing an unrealistically broad array of deposits.

With offices in Brisbane and active coal projects in the area, our founders can spend time on site rather than in transit.

What & Where

1064 Gold is searching for an Intrusive Related Gold System (IRGS) around the area of Clermont, Queensland, which is the intersection of the Anakie and Drummond Basins.

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Who & Why

1064 Gold’s founders and management team consists of a group of highly-experienced mining professionals with a successful history of exploring and developing deposits in the immediate region.

We have the best doing precisely what they do best. We’re confident our team is the best possible to discover the full potential of the Clermont gold region.

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